Welcome to Reef International Trading L.L.C

Managing Director :

Noby E A

Reef international Auto Accessories Trading LLC is the international trading operations Centre for Craysol Group of Companies. Started way back in 1974 Craysol Group has diversified into various sectors including automotive marine, logistics and information technology. Innovation and Research is the core strength of Craysol Group.

Established in 2010 in Dubai, Reef is focused on trading special and unique high quality products especially in automotive sector. As part of UAE initiative to implement speed limiters, Reef International is an approved vendor for Speed Limiters in UAE. Reef is also accredited as the first company in UAE to have Speed limiter quality as per GSO 1711. GSO 1711 refers to higher quality requirement and reliability standard than ordinary products.

We are currently in the process of expanding our international footprint by starting operations in Sri lanka, Qatar, Africa and Oman. Reef is the exclusive distributors for Craysol products like Speed Limiter, harsh brake Waning system, OEM Standard Rear Sensor, In-Vehicle Intercom Systems and OEM standard Parking Assist systems with Rear Camera Kit.


“To Develop and promote innovative cost effective and environment friendly technologies for a better and safer tomorrow.”


To be an entrepreneur of choice by creating an environment of empowerment, development, excellence and fun. Innovating the enterprise with intelligent information solutions to enable our customers to be the benchmark of their industries.